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Simplistic and Innovative. Most of you wanted more power and we present to be the one of the best if not the best IP booter in the field, with unbelievable booting power, friendly staff, and 100% uptime, zSTRESS is the ONLY IP stresser you should ever pay for.

Quez Booter of The Week

Upon review of stessers online today, we have deemed zSTRESS to be the #1 booter online. What makes it so great is the super powerfull XMLRPC method that takes down ANY website and bypasses all DDoS protection, on top of 15Gbps + layer 4 methods that down 99% of tested servers, and a ridiculously strong VIP network, zSTRESS takes it's rightfull spot as the #1 most recommended IP stresser.

Quez-Approved IP Stressers

Nearly all IP booters on the internet are scams trying to get your money, any booter listed below has been personally reviewed by me and tested for reliability and power. Should our free IP stresser not be enough for you, any of these paid booters are highly recommended.

  1. instaBOOTER - Best XMLRPC, Provides 100% uptime, 15-20Gbps per boot, BEST VIP, UNLIMITED boots per day (Most recommended for websites)
  2. Data Booter - Provides 100% uptime, VIP Network, 10-25Gbps per boot, dedicated power, UNLIMITED boots per day
  3. PolyStress - Limited boots per day, 10-25Gbps per boot, 100% Uptime, Fast Support, Layer 7, Easy Website
  4. zSTRESS - Fully Custom, Strongest layer 4, 100Gbps VIP, great support, fast servers, UNLIMITED boots per day
  5. TopBooter - 100% Uptime, 10-20Gbps per flood, fast support, layer 7, UNLIMITED boots per day
  6. Exo Stresser - Provides 100% uptime, 10-20Gbps per boot, free IP stresser trial, limited boots per day
  7. BetaBooter - Fast Attacks, Great Support, XMLRPC, CC Attack, UNLIMITED boots per day